Models have Feelings too

Models have Feelings too

It seems as though every time I click on an article about a model the comments go something like this:

“Eat a sandwich”

“She looks like a 12 year old boy”

“That’s disgusting”

“Let me feed you a burger”

ow I know a lot of models skip meals to stay thin, but then there are also models that are built that way and are in fact healthy. Therefore, I just wonder what message this sends “normal” people who have “model” bodies. It sends a message that there is no way possible that you can be thin and healthy. I doubt that most naturally thin girls grow up wanting to be a model, but in the society that we live in it seems as though that is the only industry that is openly accepting of being thin.

Some people may just say “Oh it’s just people on the internet being mean.” Well actually it is not, because I see it and hear it in everyday conversation on a constant basis. If your legs look to resemble anything skinnier than a baseball bat, then these women have to be suffering from an eating disorder.

The funny thing about it all is that I rarely or almost never hear a slim or thin woman referencing a larger woman in a negative fashion. I hardly ever hear snide remarks coming from them, but the moment a thin woman passes by a group of larger woman a downfall of stares and harsh remarks follow.

Everyone says that the world should be accepting of all body types, just because models are thinner this does not mean that thin people should be excluded from this saying, because at the end of the day models have feelings too.