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The Women Of Glamour

While it’s not quite in “Vogue” for models to be curvy and plus-sized, it is in the next issue of Glamour magazine, which means that the curvier women among us are being truly represented. Recently, Ellen Degeneress had the “Normal Sized Models” of the Glamour magazine’s November issue on her show.

Plus-sized standards by industry standards are a plus-six. A plus-six? That’s unbelievable given that the average women is average sized 12 or 14. Of the models who appeared on the Ellen Degeneress show, two of the four models on the show had had eating disorders and were each a size zero and a size double-zero.  As a tall woman myself, I can say that I haven’t been anywhere close to a zero since I was fourteen and though I like many of the new clothes, have no intention of getting my body back to that gawky stage ever again.

According to the Glamour magazine editor on the show, Glamour had the intention of inspiring women to be all sizes, and would like to encourage designers to make clothing in larger sizes for those of us that are not a perfect size six.