A Former Miss Universe, Naked with no Photoshopping

A Former Miss Universe, Naked with no Photoshopping

Marie Claire is being bold by putting a Miss Universe on the cover of their magazine without first being photoshopped. That’s right- no photoshopping for the woman who was in 2004 deemed so beautiful that she won the title indicating the most beautiful woman in the world.

The former Miss Universe is named Jennifer Hawkins and the magazine is supposedly putting her on the cover to indicate that real women are indeed beautiful. The move was  probably also in reaction to some of the recent photoshopping scandals in which women were trimmed to microscopic proportions.

The proceeds from that issue will be donated to the Butterfly Foundation, which is an eating disorders support group.

According to this article from the always-interesting Huffington Post, not every woman is pleased to be represented by a former beauty pageant queen. I loved this quote from an anonymous source, “If anything is going to have me running to the toilet with my finger down my throat it's a picture of Jennifer Hawkins naked."

I don’t know if the quote was fabricated by a creative reporter, but it did definitely catch my attention.

Recently, Ralph Lauren was criticized for hiring a photo-shopper who took the model’s dimensions to sub-human proportions and more recently Demi Moore was seen in a magazine looking quite a bit smaller than herself.

The last I heard, both France and England are considering legislation which would force magazines to put a sort of warning label on photos and advertisements, which were photoshopped. The idea would be to point out to teenagers that even these strikingly beautiful women don’t look as good in real life.