Ex Beauty Queen Demands Attention!

Ex Beauty Queen Demands Attention!

Once a princess, always a princess, isn’t that the saying?  Maybe that is why 35 year old Susan Shaw who was a previous Beauty Queen of Hawaii needed to continue to live the high life by stealing other people’s money and identity.  How hard is the life of a beauty queen?  I know models do not always have the glamorous life that everyone seems to think they have, but what about beauty queens, is it all that difficult?  I know for the year that you are crowned you have to practically be perfect in every single way, but does that really give you an out for your behavior years after you have been crowned? 

Susan Shaw, who had a husband and two beautiful children in Hawaii took off to California for at least two months where she had lived in a condo and paid cash for rent in Manhattan Beach.  While in Manhattan Beach she had two boyfriends that her husband did not know about and neither did they.  She even went as far as to take one of her boyfriends to China on vacation and when the relationship started to become serious, she broke it off.  She had told both boyfriends that she sold her business in Hawaii and had come to California to retire, again neither of them knew about each other or her family back in Hawaii.  Before Ms. Beauty Queen was living in Manhattan Beach, she had lived in Hermosa Beach as well, spending other peoples hard earned money.

In Hawaii the courts convicted Shaw of 122 counts of identity and credit card theft, money laundering and forgery, with over $160,000 in stolen money.  The courts had identified 11 people to whom she had stolen their identity and a possible 35 others in Hawaii.  They say she stole from friends and family and other random people that she had come in contact with over the last several years.

All I can say is, seriously?!  Who does that? And even more so, I can’t believe she had gotten away with that for so long.  One identity theft victim had said that Shaw had even changed her address on the victim so that she wasn’t getting any mail. Once the victim realized she was no longer getting mail she contacted the post office to have it changed back and she started to receive tons of creditors’ notes, collections notices and bills.

My question is, what is the court going to do to Susan Shaw.  Slap her on the wrist and make her pay back the $160,000.  Put her in jail for a few years – that should really punish a beauty queen.  I do not know about you, but I would really like to see Ms. Shaw get something stronger than a fine and a slap on the wrist, because if we don’t, what will that teach our youth?  That if you are beautiful or that if you are famous or that if you were a beauty queen that the law doesn’t apply to you or that you get off easy?  She has over 120 counts.  This is a tough call, because Shaw is not a murder, but she did do something horribly wrong.  I say she pays back the fine in double, all her wages garnished for the rest of her life and a tattoo on her forehead that says – I am a beauty queen, I demand attention!