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Tyra Banks, Model nutjob

It seems that Tyra Banks is having some kind of identity crisis these days. The ex-supermodel turned daytime talk-show host recently posed for Harper's Bazaar magazine in a lengthy pictorial as a Michelle Obama look-alike, along with an Obama look-alike husband and kids, equipped with a fake Oval Office background. It is insinuated that Banks has White House aspirations, not to someday be president, this is Tyra we're talking about, after all; but to be first lady. There's nothing wrong with having a dream, and clearly for Banks dreaming big has paid off, hence the inexplicable success of the gabfest known as the Tyra Banks Show. But this photo spread is bordering on the deranged. It seems to me that Banks doesn't just want to be a first lady, as she would have us believe, but more like the first lady, specifically to Barack Obama. It's creepy and self-serving (total publicity stunt) but not shocking coming from a woman who brought you such talk-show gems like "All About the Booty" and "America's Next Top Transsexual Model." One thing is clear, Tyra's insatiable crush on the Obamas is about as subtle as a box of hammers.