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Should I be spanked?

Hi, people! I'm 14 years old, and my parents spank me often with the hand. Should they be doing this? Once I mouthed my mother at the dinner table when we had an old couple over for dinner. She told me to come to her place. She pulled her chair out, way back. She excused us, and we went into the bathroom. She told me that I would get a spanking in front of the company for swearing at her. What would happen is that I would lie across her chair. The company would come up. The husband would be allowed to slap my bottom five times. Then the wife would do the same thing. Then I would go and get a hairbrush. Mother would make me lie over the chair and spank me again with the brush. Then I would get up and apologize to the company. Then she told me that this would be done bare bottom. She escorted me to the dining room. She told the company what would happen, and they protested, but in the end agreed. So then Mother took me over to her place... AND PULLED MY PANTS DOWN!!! I went over the chair, and was spanked by the company. Then I went, got my hairbrush, apologized to the company. Mom pulled my pants down again, and gave me a sound spanking. Was this right? I need answers please.