America's Next Top Model:British Invasion

America's Next Top Model:British Invasion

"Shake-over makeovers."

This week, the tension between the Brits and the Americans continued, as did Tyra’s reign of terror. This cycle, she assigned “shake-overs”—rather than makeovers—which included some girls getting unorthodox hair colors and others getting haphazard shaves.

The episode starts out with Tyra’s infamous “shake-overs.” She’s been inspired by the pastel colors of the European runways this season, so she’s assigned British contestant Sophie bubblegum pink hair. To American Laura, she gives platinum blonde locks with red and blue streaks. Brit Catherine gets magenta hair, but in effect, it looks like a deep, deep red.

Other interesting hair assignments go to American Azmarie, who gets the letters “ANTM” shaved into her already-buzzed hair. Diva-Brit Louise throws a fit when she gets her long blonde locks cut into a bob and then colored with brownish highlights. She looks really good, but she pouts that she looks like Justin Bieber.

Next comes another really strange challenge featuring Kris Jenner, aka Mama Kardashian, and her two youngest daughters. The models are told that they are to pose as the youngest members of the Kardashian brood—they are to pose like toddlers. At the same time, they are supposed to sell the garments and look like high-fashion models. Don’t worry, I don’t get it, either.

The shoot itself is unbelievably awkward. Some of the models have to pose sitting on Jenner’s lap, while others are fed baby food. With a bunch of creepy baby dolls and the real Kardashian girls dressed up like Wednesday Addams, the whole thing looks like some sort of prelude to fetish porn.

At the top of the pack is Laura—the model with the red, white and blue hair. She poses like a broken doll—a pose we all know that Tyra loves—bent over the side of her crib, reaching for a fallen bottle. The runner-up for top photo goes to Brit Ashley, who posed well with a lollipop.

The bottom two is between two American models, both of whom looked totally boring in the midst of this whacked-out photo shoot. The mean new judge, Kelly Cutrone, tells Native American Mariah that her boring face would have cost her a million dollars if she’d recommended Mariah as a model. Seymone, who won last week, just sat and stared at the camera, looking pretty.

Even though she’s the first Native American ever on this show, Mariah is still sent home second. You’d have thought that Tyra would be all about that diversity.

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